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These are the mods I have completed.

3.25 pulley upgrade.   Add more boost and power with the most popular upgrade for your GTP. A 3.5" will add approximately 20-25 HP to your supercharged 3800, a 3.4" pulley will add approximately 25-30 HP to your engine, and a 3.25" pulley will add approximately 30-35 HP to your engine.   Throttle response is much improved even with the stock  light throttle applications are noticeably quicker. Given max stock boost levels of approximately 8 t the shift points, this 40% increase to 11+ psi.


Left Stock 7-8 psi (8 @ redline)
Right 3.5" 10-11+ psi (11+ @ redline)


Borla Cat-back Exhaust System. 


SLP Cold Air Induction System with a 7" K&N cone filter - This Cold Air system is designed to replace the production under-hood air induction system on the 1997-2000 Grand Prix with   includes all necessary hardware for installation, and legal for street use in all 50 states.


RAT Stage 2 MAF - Features

The Stage 2 Monster MAF includes the recalibrated electronics along with a dramatic increase in the flow rate of the mass air meter/throttle body housing. All Stage 2 Monster MAFs receive Extrude Hone porting as well as an enlarged throttle bore and throttle body blade to increase the flow rate of the entire system by an impressive 100 cfm!

RAT RaceBred Front Swaybar - 



RAT RaceBred Rear Swaybar - 


Reprogrammed PCM

Speed limiter raised to 255 MPH (Z-rated tires required)

Increased transmission fluid line pressure for firmer shifts

Shifts at 5800 RPM at WOT (optimal setting)

Allows skip shifts 4-2 and 3-1 (stock calibration will not skip gears)

Much more aggressive spark and fuel tables

Virtually the latest code (including TSB fixes and such) available for your car

Note: High octane fuel (meaning the highest you can buy at your local station, 93 or 94 is good) recommended as the calibration is optimized for it.

Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator - The Casper's Electronics Adjustable Fuel Pressure 

Flex-a-lite TransLife Transmission Oil Cooler - If your Grand Prix sees harder than average use or even if you just want a super-strong unit, these coolers will stand up to abuse that would make 

Hypertech PowerStat Thermostats - A low-temp thermostat improves performance in two ways: first by increasing the mass flow rate of intake air and second by reducing the engine's tendency to detonate.

Goodyear Gatorback Poly V Belt - Gatorback swallows up irritating chirps, squeaks and squeals due to its Helicog(TM) tooth design. Unlike the straight cogs on standard v-ribbed belts, the diagonal Helicog(TM) teeth on Gatorback actually cancel the noise of pulley contact from one offset cog to another. The result is a reduction in operating noise by as much as 15 decibels.

Chrome Wing Nut - Your Grand Prix (or any other GM car) just isn't complete without a Chrome Logo Wing Nut to top it off. Choose between GM, Pontiac or Buick logos. High quality, custom fabricated to replace your existing engine cover nut.


Underhood Light - This GM under hood light features a 20 foot retractable extension cord. The back of the light fixture has a magnet mounted on it for easy, no hands lighting. Just stick it anywhere you need 

For cosmetic looks - I have added Reflective Concepts letter kits on the front and rear bumpers and the side door GTP Supercharger badges.  And added the GTS headlight covers and painted them to match the car.