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My nephew, David, has been playing soccer for several years and is quite good.  Most of this is because of David's love of the game.  The other is due to the soccer organization he belongs to.  AYSES, which stands for Advanced Youth Soccer Educational System.  The program offers kids a higher level of individual and team soccer skills that will enable them to go as far as they wish with the sport. These skills are taught by imminently qualified coaches who provide an environment conducive to mastery of the skills and pure enjoyment of the game. Equally as important, AYSES teaches the kids character building life lessons.  The AYSES soccer program is based in Plano, Texas and currently features teams for boys under seven, under eight, under nine and under ten.

I attend most of the games, and it is obvious that each game the boys continue to get better and better.  They work hard at practice and attend many soccer clinics to tone their skills.  With the boys dedication to the sport and the coaches commitment to provide only the best skills they will certainly continue to become better.

Oh, as you can see, David also loves the Pontiac Grand Prix.